Bachelorette Invitation: Wine Tasting Weekend!

It's been a wild year officially jumping into the wonderful world of wedding planning but I wouldn't change anything. The uncertainty of it all is overwhelming at times for someone who is so used to planning everything all the time, but I'm learning to embrace it!

Something exciting that happened this year, was that my good friend from high school, Jordana got hitched! Since I was in the wedding, I could only help before the big day so I was excited to take on the bachelorette planning with help from another friend once again! Jordana isn't the Vegas type so she knew she wanted a mellow weekend with the girls with just a splash of the wild and crazy... cue the wine weekend! Naturally the invitation couldn't be just any standard invite so we opted for mini bottles of Sutter Home White Wine combined with my custom designed invitations.

Jazzed it up with some hot pink washi tape with a pink polka dot straw and fun bags from Target and BOOM, these invites we're ready to hand-deliver!


  1. Great job, Chelsea. Invites provide just the kind of info and level of detail I'd want to know. You're a natural for the wedding planning business.

  2. Thank you Kim!! I miss seeing you and having your encouraging words of wisdom. I hope you're doing well!


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