Bachelorette Invitation: Wine Tasting Weekend!

It's been a wild year officially jumping into the wonderful world of wedding planning but I wouldn't change anything. The uncertainty of it all is overwhelming at times for someone who is so used to planning everything all the time, but I'm learning to embrace it!

Something exciting that happened this year, was that my good friend from high school, Jordana got hitched! Since I was in the wedding, I could only help before the big day so I was excited to take on the bachelorette planning with help from another friend once again! Jordana isn't the Vegas type so she knew she wanted a mellow weekend with the girls with just a splash of the wild and crazy... cue the wine weekend! Naturally the invitation couldn't be just any standard invite so we opted for mini bottles of Sutter Home White Wine combined with my custom designed invitations.

Jazzed it up with some hot pink washi tape with a pink polka dot straw and fun bags from Target and BOOM, these invites we're ready to hand-deliver!

Product Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash Mascara

Hey Ladies! It's been a while since I posted a fun DIY, but I had to come back to show you my new little obsession. Two years ago I seriously contemplated getting lash extensions, and even after shopping around I couldn't justify the monthly maintenance and hefty price tag of $100+. About a month ago, my fabulous Aunt Sally introduced me to a fiber mascara. I had heard about it but couldn't understand what it quite meant. Well let me tell you it's IN.CREDIBLE! These are my lashes with mascara, and then with Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash Mascara...

Isn't that just ridiculous?! For anyone who doesn't want to pay for lash extensions, or who can't wear the temporary or a little longer than temporary lashes because they bother your eyes, this is your solution! 

I wasn't quite sold on using a brand I'd never heard of, but Younique is an up and coming company whose product is being put up against Too Faced and another blogger agrees Younique is better. Check out her YouTube test of both products. 

The best part is that they offer a 14 day money back guarantee! So if you totally aren't into it and want to have lame lashes or blow your beauty budget on lash extensions, they'll give you back your 30 buckaroos, but I'm pretty sure you'll be as obsessed as I am. 

Shop my PARTY (Before September 25, 2014) or HOST YOUR OWN

Bridal Shower Gift: Rhinestone Robe

The Allison-is-getting-married extravaganza continued past the bachelorette party on to bridal showers and the infamous Panty Party shower.

Being the bling lover crafty maven that I am, I had to come up with a unique and sexy gift idea for her Panty Party. Now I love the cute satin robes that say bride in rhinestones, but let's be real: No one is wearing that after the wedding day. It's like wearing a pin that says "It's my birthday" four months after your birthday.

I wanted her gift to be custom-fit for her so I went on the hunt. I found an iron-on rhinestone transfer on etsy, picked up a sexy black satin robe at Victoria's Secret and went for it!  

Making sure it was straight was definitely stressful but in a few minutes it was ready to go! 
I'm in love with the results. Hope this sparks an idea for you!

Bachelorette Party Favor: Hangover Kits

My college roommate Allison is getting married and it's freaking me out! Yes, we're 25 and everyone around us is getting married or having babies... but still. It's a weird thought. Either way, we were going to celebrate with her in a way only worthy of Pinterest. Her maid of honor Tatiana and I scoured our favorite pinning site to find the coolest ideas for party favors. 

The final result. Hangover kits. 

The ones we found though were only inspiration. We planned to go above and beyond with these hilarious beauties. After raiding the Target travel aisle, a quick trip to Michael's for the boxes, a little origami bow action and making name stickers, assemblage was ready to happen!

Tums Refreshers (breath mints AND Tums - Two birds. One stone.)
Notepad & Pen to write advice to the bride
Hair ties
Goldfish packet
Makeup Remover Towelettes
Hello Kitty Bandaid

If you're going to recreate these I recommend printing out the Hangover baby which I Photoshopped to included the word "Kit". 

For the outside of the box, I wanted something 3-dimensional so I started looking up origami bows. It took practicing three times before I finally got it right. I used a gold and cream chevron paper to give it some dimension and interest. Use this YouTube tutorial and spare yourself the awkwardness of trying to Google translate Chinese step-by-step images. Trust.

Finish off the box with a cute custom label. I used my best amateur photoshop skills and made a few tweaks after I printed them.

The final result was incredible. Happy Bacheloretting!

DIY Beach House Headboard

I've been lusting after this Coastal Living headboard ever since we met on Pinterest/Elements of Style Blog. I had to have it. However my stereotypical Dutch family who commissioned me to redecorate our family beach house was not going to splurge on a big expensive headboard. Knowing this I had to create it all from scratch, which meant under $100! 

Copying the same lines as the photo, I used a ruler, pencil, and string to recreate the shape.

After a lot of research I found that the best way to upholster was to use an egg crate foam mattress topper (two twins on sale at Target for $7.97 each!) and put them egg side to egg side so the flat side faces out. We then stapled along the edges to keep it in place (some stayed, some didn't) and then wrapped a layer of batting around it to keep the foam in. This created a thick and cushy headboard.

I ventured off to a fabric store other than Joann's that specialized in upholstery fabric to ensure that it would last a long time. I needed to match this beachy blue and keep the fabric a soft linen. For around three yards it was $37.

Now it was time for the lovely details. The trim came from Joann's for $7 and the oversized 13/16" Brass finish nails came from at a splurge of $42. The corners were a fun test of my folding capabilities, but I prevailed! I gently tucked a bit of the trim underneath itself and covered the overlap with a nail. Be careful as you're hammering the nails in. If you hit them too hard or too many times, you'll scratch off the finish. 
Voila! All UNDER $100!

It's Installed!!

 Now it's on to the rest of the room. Next project... painting!

How To: Christmas Shop for a 20-Something Girl

My top trendy picks for 2012 Christmas! 
If you're confused at what to buy for Christmas and she's a 20-something fabulous girl, 
take a gander at the list below... All under $100!

A little sparkle, a little sport and all GLAM!

1. 31 Bits Necklace // Petunia // $38
2. Mobilexpressions iPad case // Target // $29.99
3. Fragrance Travel Set // Nordstrom // $35
4. Gold Cocktail Shaker // Pottery Barn // $35.50
5. Crystal Snowflake Bottle Stopper // Pottery Barn // $19.50
6. Printed Backup Battery for iPhone // J.Crew // $39.50
7. Truffle White Cocoa // Voluspa // $19
8. MLB/NFL Tee & Boyfriend Pant Giftset // Victoria's Secret // $69.50
9. Metal Gleam Crossbody // Francesca's Collection // $38
10. Fun Flats VEGASSS LEOPARD & TEMPPER BLACK TAN // Steve Madden // $56-69

Z Gallerie Outlet Extravaganza!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Z Gallerie Outlet in Gardena (Right off the 110 Freeway at Rosecrans/Western). I think I died and went to discount heaven. Everything in the outlet are pieces that are currently in the stores and online. They may be slightly damaged or broken but the majority of them are in perfect shape for at least half the price... And the best part? They have all new pieces EVERY. DAY. Oh yes.

Simplicity Mirrored 5 Drawer Chest $749.99 // In Store $1,500
Not. Even. Damaged. Just missing the pulls, how easy is that to replace?!

Dining tables, art and couches 

A sea of buffets, dressers and headboards!

 Glittered Glass Pinecones $10 & $8 // On the website for $20

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Trip!

1. Arrive early! There will be a line of eager shoppers ready to run for the item they've been hunting for. The Outlet Hours are: 
Tues - Fri 12:00pm - 4:00pm // Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm

2. Shop online and in the regular store ahead of time. Figure out which headboard, couch, or dining room table you can't live without and be ready to tear the ticket off and make it yours!

3. If you see something you like, grab it or tear the ticket. You don't have to buy it but at least you've officially put dibs on it and no one else can take it from you. These people are brutal. Make sure you grab what ever you like. Second guess yourself later.
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